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Between 30 hours of weekly training, homework and meets, gymnasts and their parents are in overwhelm about the big, unknown process of college recruiting.  What should we be doing?  When should we do it?  Who should we contact?  How do I pick a school?  What questions should I ask?

We've got the answers.  We've been there!  We know how stressful and confusing the recruiting process can be.  But we also did our homework.  We interviewed 17 college coaches.  We interview parents and gymnasts.  And in the end, Megan, our daughter had an incredible recruiting experience. 

This is the great news.  We share all of our secrets and knowledge with you in the very affordable and easy to use Gymnastics Recruiting Kit.  Find out more below!

Gymnasts, you’ve trained most of your life for this time. You've spent countless hours in the gym and have invested money in competitions and choreography. Reap the rewards of your investment by doing all you can to get into college on a gymnastics scholarship. Now is the time to get organized for successful college recruiting.

Gymnastics Scholarships are among the best available. Division I scholarships often include tuition, room, board, books, tutoring, travel and more for a value ranging from $20,000 to over $60,000 a year. The Gymnastics Recruiting Kit provides practical advice for your step-by-step efforts at recruiting and can help you make the most of your recruiting experience. Nothing is more effective than your own personal work in contacting and developing relationships with college coaches. Gymnastics Recruiting is not a recruiting service. Rather, the Gymnastics Recruiting Kit and Workshops provide the framework you need to make your work easier, more informed, and more efficient. Gymnasts, parents and coaches can all benefit from using our kits.

24 Page Recruiting Guide

Features a practical “how to” approach to college recruiting with sections on:
- the Gymnast
- Scholarship Questions
- Recordkeeping
- Recruiting Timeline
- NCAA Rules
- College Programs
- Marketing Process and
- Critical Questions.

Forms and Worksheets

Included in the guide are goal sheets, skill sheets, score keepers, college check lists

College Recruiting Directory

Lists every college gymnastics program, address, web site, coach, phone number, and email address.  This directory is delivered to you in both PDF format and as an excel file.  The excel file has live links to websites and makes it easy to perform mail merges so that you can prepare personalized cover letters and email messages.

Updated annually

Recruiting Organizers

The Organizer sheets are your key to effectively tracking your contacts with all the college programs. Each organizer lists all contact information for the school and coaches, athletic conferences and divisions, as well as 6 years of rankings.  The organizers also feature a check list to track your mailings to coaches and additional areas to track other communications and visits. File in a 3-ring binder along will all the important mail and email correspondence each school sends to you and you’ll know “at-a-glance” exactly where you stand as a collegiate candidate.
The Recruiting Workshop is your step-by-step instruction for College Recruiting 
We take it a step further in the Recruiting Workshop. Here we go behind the scenes and share step-by-step strategies from our own experience. You'll get to meet past collegiate gymnasts to hear their recruiting experience first-hand. They'll also share what college visits are like and what you should do to make the most of your time on campus. You'll hear from expert JO Coaches who've sent hundreds of gymnasts to compete in college.
The Gymnastics Recruiting Workshop is housed in the exclusive members only area of this website.  You'll not only receive outstanding training through the workshop but you'll also receive access to the slide decks to deepen your understanding of the process.
  • The Athlete's Preparation  - The level and skills you need to achieve in order to be a recruitable athlete.  We'll also discuss the academic requirements and personal qualities you need to develop
  • The Coaches - What are coaches looking for in recruitable athletes.  What kinds of scholarships are available?  How to Evaluate which school is right for you?
  • The Timetable  - What do you need to do each year so that you don't miss out on scholarship opportunities
  • NCAA Rules  - When can coaches contact you?  When can you contact coaches?  What are the recruiting rules and key dates?
  • The Marketing Process - What do you need to do to rise to the top of the hundreds of gymnasts who are vying for scholarships every year?  I'll walk you through everything we did during our recruiting process (and coaches told me that Megan was the BEST marketed gymnast in the country)
  • Expert Interviews - Hear from past collegiate gymnasts and expert JO coaches to learn their advice
  • On-site Visits and Offers - Your entire recruiting journey culminates in coaches believing in you enough to visit you at your home gym.  It's exciting and stressful.  We'll cover do's and don'ts for this critical time
  • How-To Videos - I walk you step-by-step through recruiting timesavers that allow you to contact multiple coaches in a personal way with a few clicks of the keyboard
"I wanted to also thank you for developing the Gymnastics Recruiting Kit. The tools you have created help streamline the process and we couldn't have asked for a better outcome. Your system really helped us in preparing and documenting her skills, accomplishments and goals and then made it so easy to communicate the information to the colleges" - Lisa Paulus
"Wow, what a great idea! I wish this was around during my college recruiting process. I thought that the college recruiting manual was informative, organized, and everything a parent and gymnast needs to turn the worrisome and often confusing recruiting circus into an easy and more importantly, a rewarding experience. It's all there: great resources such as the contact list for all college programs; smart goal setting, prioritizing, and timetable worksheets to keep both parents and gymnasts organized and on target for success; and important but difficult information to gather such as the rules and regulations guide, and the wonderful "Questions Every Parents Should Ask." I highly recommend this guide to all gymnasts of high school age and their parents, it will help you navigate the scholarship process and find a perfect fit for your next phase in your gymnastics career, the rewarding college years!" - Amy Keller-Bills
"My daughter, Avery, is getting an athletic scholarship from U.C. Berkeley. This is remarkable since she competed Level 9 her Junior year. We owe the success to great coaches and your Gymnastics Recruiting Kit. Eight months ago, we had not even considered that she would be continuing gymnastics at the collegiate level. That is, not until I met you at the Spirit of the Flame meet in San Jose. Two weeks later, she won all-around at the NorCal State meet and I ordered the Freshman Kit (even though she was already a junior). We got ideas from your web site to put together a brochure and DVD for the College Bound Invitational meet. Without your kit, I doubt if we would have been able to do this. It seemed a daunting task to start so late in the game. Avery targeted schools with strong academic programs and there was mutual interest from six schools. In the end, she went on three official visits and decided on Cal. I thought you might be interested in hearing about our success story and that you played a role in it". - Nora Gee
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